A Different Kind of Leader

"Maintain equanimity under duress." - Interviewing Dr. Charles Mouton

December 13, 2022 Season 5 Episode 6
A Different Kind of Leader
"Maintain equanimity under duress." - Interviewing Dr. Charles Mouton
Show Notes

Charles Mouton, MD, MS, MBA is currently serving as interim President at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. He has been executive vice President and Provost and Dean of the John Sealy School of Medicine, and professor in the Department of Family Medicine  at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Mouton previously served UTMB as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs in the School of Medicine. He joined UTMB in 2017, coming from Meharry, where he was Senior Vice President for Health Affair and its Dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Mouton’s primary research interests are in women’s health, health disparities, late life domestic violence, and aging. He was a co-investigator for the Women’s Health Initiative, the first study to investigate health in a large sampling of women across the United States to determine how diet, hormone therapy, and calcium and vitamin D might prevent heart disease, cancer, and bone fractures

“Excellence of performance will transcend artificial barriers created by man.” -Dr. Charles Drew
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