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A Different Kind of Leader

Giselle Corbie

We capture insights from diverse leaders in health care, public health, and academic settings so that our organizations are in a stronger position to grow, innovate, and meet the challenges of our day. Visit https://www.differentkindofleader.com to learn more.
Leadership Toolbox with Vivette Jeffries-LoganNovember 29, 2022 Episode artwork "Just be yourself." - Interviewing Dr. Marshall ChinNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork "For if you keep silent at this time..." - Interviewing Dr. Sherita GoldenNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork "Whatever your life's work is, do it well." - Interviewing Dr. Keith ChurchwellNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork Coming Soon: Season 5 of A Different Kind of LeaderNovember 21, 2022 Episode artwork "Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you"- Interviewing Dr. Jasjit AhluwaliaMarch 15, 2022 Episode artwork "Together, we can do great things" - Interviewing Dr. Amelie RamirezMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork Leadership Toolbox with Angela BryantMarch 01, 2022 Episode artwork "Humanism. Social Justice. Integrity. Generosity. Humility." - Interviewing Dr. Eliseo J. Pérez-StableFebruary 22, 2022 Episode artwork "To whom much is given, much is required" - Interviewing Dr. Debra BarksdaleFebruary 15, 2022 Episode artwork "No one is better than you are; and you're not better than anyone else" - Interviewing Dr. Marcella Nunez-SmithFebruary 08, 2022 Episode artwork "Ma ka hana ka ‘ike - By doing, one learns" Interviewing Dr. Joseph Keawe‘aimoku KaholokulaFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork "The racial philosophy we must seek..." - Interviewing Dr. Chandra FordJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork "The arc of history is long, but it always begins towards justice." - Interviewing Dr. Brian SmedleyJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork "You cannot change any society, unless you take responsibility for it..." - Interviewing Dr. Emily WangJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork Leadership Toolbox: Enneagram Typology with Angela RosenbergJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork "Leadership is the capacity to translate a vision into reality." - Interviewing Dr. Carlos Del RioJune 01, 2021 Episode artwork "People will not remember what you do, but they'll remember how you make you feel." - Interviewing Dr. Aletha MaybankMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork "Vision, without execution, is hallucination." - Interviewing Dr. Sandro GaleaMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork "Never give up; never give up; never, never, never give up." - Interviewing Dr. Margaret MossMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork "Service is the rent we pay for living." - Interviewing Dr. Lauren SmithMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork "You can't live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you." - Interviewing Dr. Keith NorrisMay 25, 2021 Episode artwork Season 3 TrailerMay 24, 2021 Episode artwork "When we speak, we are afraid our words will not be heard, nor welcome. But when we are silent, you're still afraid so it is better to speak.” -Interviewing Dr. Valerie StoneDecember 08, 2020 Episode artwork "Do work you're passionate about, do work that works toward your strengths..." - Interviewing Dr. Joseph BetancourtDecember 01, 2020 Episode artwork