A Different Kind of Leader

Season 3 Trailer

May 24, 2021 Giselle Corbie-Smith Season 3 Episode 0
A Different Kind of Leader
Season 3 Trailer
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(Producer) Rachel Quinto (00:00)
Greetings Listeners. Welcome to Season 3 of A Different Kind of Leader.

(Host) Giselle Corbie-Smith (00:09)
We've seen the seen the sorrows, the sufferings, as well as the human capacity for resilience in the midst of profound darkness. This is how our production team entered the third season, and we are truly excited and deeply honored to share a window into leadership in these unprecedented times.

Just like the last year, some of our guests described the deep suffering they had to move through in their leadership journey. And other conversations were punctuating by the joy that comes from connecting and connection.

We're also trying a different way of releasing the episodes this season and would love your feedback on this Netflix-type drop. As always, thanks for listening to help build this community of leaders.

(Producer) Rachel Quinto (01:01)
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